More Top Stories of 2012

For the year that just ended, we posted about 325 times. According to Blogger statistics, our readers come from many countries, the top 5 of which are:

#1: United States

#2: United Kingdom

#3: Israel

#4: China

#5: Canada

Yesterday we listed the top stories related to discoveries and technology. Today we conclude with three additional categories. Yesterday’s disclaimers apply here as well.

Significant Stories in 2012:

Reconstruction of Herod’s Tomb Criticized (and Defended)

Jesus Discovery: Early Christian Burial in Jerusalem, with lots of follow-up

Temple Mount Model at Christ Church, Jerusalem

New Visitor Center Approved for City of David

Not Guilty: James Ossuary Trial Ends

Turkey Halts Loan of Museum Artifacts

$100 Million for Biblical Tourism in Jerusalem

Construction Begins on Israel National Archaeology Library

Greek Economic Crisis Threatens Antiquities

Seven Wonders of Israel

Somebody Once Believed Jesus Had a Wife (and lots of links)

Cyrus Cylinder Coming to the U.S.

Ancient Cedar Beams on Temple Mount
Noteworthy Posts:

The Promised Land Includes Transjordan (No, It Doesn’t)

Speculating on the Mysterious Marks in City of David, by A.D. Riddle

Biblical Problems with Locating Sodom at Tall el-Hammam, by Bill Schlegel

The Best Maps of Israel

Jonah, Jesus and the Talpiot Ossuary, by Chris McKinny

My Recent Trip to Israel

Picture of the Week: Mount Hermon and Caesarea Philippi, by Seth Rodriquez

Critiques of the Work of Robert Cornuke

Notes on the Water in Antiquity Conference, by Chris McKinny

Favorite Resources in 2012:

In the Footsteps of Paul

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? 

Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

Books from Eretz Magazine

The Walls of the Temple Mount

Free Volumes in the Loeb Classical Library

Alexander to Constantine

The Archaeology of the Holy Land

ARTIFAX Magazine 

Israel Topographical Relief Map

The Land and the Book

Our favorite, naturally, is the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, Revised and Expanded (recommended by Jenkins, Gundersen, Chandler, and Savelle).

As 2013 begins, we wish our readers all the best in the coming year.

The 2012 release of the new Pictorial Library of Bible Lands marked the culmination of 9 years of travel, research, and writing.

3 thoughts on “More Top Stories of 2012

  1. Todd:

    Thanks for the note on Artifax. You helped us a lot last year.

    Also, if I had a favorite resource list, your blog would be at the top.

    Mike Caba

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