Fifty important artifacts and discoveries are listed in chronological order at www.bibleandarchaeology.com. The collection includes photographs from a variety of sources. If I only had time to teach ten to a class, I would choose these:

  • #2: Merneptah Stele
  • #3: Ten Dan Inscription
  • #6: Kurkh Monolith
  • #7: Black Obelisk
  • #8: Mesha Stele
  • #13: Hezekiah’s Tunnel
  • #16: Lachish Reliefs
  • #20: Ketef Hinnom Amulets
  • #28: Cyrus Cylinder
  • #43: Pool of Siloam
  • #46: Gallio Inscription

Alternately, you can just pass on the link to your class (or friends or pastor) and they can get a quick study in the world of biblical archaeology.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel
(photo source)