Wednesday Roundup

The eleventh season at Khirbet el-Maqatir has concluded with word of a spectacular find that cannot yet be revealed. The team excavated several Roman-period silos, a first-century ritual bath, and an Iron Age house. The season at Tel Burna is coming along nicely. The First Week Wrap-up provides an overview of the known stratigraphic sequence of the site. The report for days 6-7 include a photo of a large monolith and a beautiful Iron IIB pavement. John Black shows how archaeological work in Jerusalem has undermined historical criticism of the Gospel of John. A Picasso drawing is being raffled to raise money to preserve the archaeological remains of Tyre. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo was recently closed to tourists by striking employees. Leon Mauldin illustrates Jeremiah’s message of the cursed man who will be like a “shrub in the desert.” He follows that up with a photo of a “land of salt.” Barry Britnell shows with photos why the Cilician Gates are important for Paul’s journeys. Douglas Petrovich provides a summary of his recent article that serves as a “John the Baptist” role for his forthcoming book, Evidence of Israelites in Egypt from Joseph’s Time until the Exodus. Pools of Bethesda southern pool from west, tb011612879 Southern pool of Bethesda
Photo from the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands


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  1. Todd, I see your photo of one of the pools, but did you see the photo referred to a few times in the article on the Pool of Bethesda?

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