The Center for Near Eastern Archaeology at La Sierra University is hosting its 5th Annual Archaeology Discovery Weekend on November 16–17, 2013 with this year’s focus on Jerusalem.

Most of the lectures and events appear to be free though there is a charge for some workshops and the Grand Opening Gala and Middle Eastern Banquet on Saturday evening.

Lectures include:

Jerusalem through the Ages: Prehistory to Modern, by Dan Bahat. Respondents: Jane Cahill West, Mahmoud Hawari, and Larry Herr

Jerusalem in the Iron Age, time of Old Testament Kings, by Jane Cahill West

Jerusalem in the Roman Period, time of the New Testament, by Dan Bahat

Jerusalem and the Knights Templar, by Kent Bramlett

The “Golden Age” of Islamic Culture, Art and Architecture in Jerusalem: The Ayyubid and 
Mamluk Periods (AD 1187–1516), by Mahmoud Hawari

Jerusalem Inscriptions, by Larry Herr

The closing lecture is a series of short presentations on The Archaeology of Jerusalem in the Context of the Modern Middle East: Risk, Responsibilities, Opportunities. Presenters include Dan Bahat, Kent Bramlett, Mahmoud Hawari, Lawrence Geraty, Larry Herr, Robert Mullins, and Jane Cahill West.

For more information, follow the links from La Sierra University’s website. La Sierra University is located in Riverside, California.

HT: James Lancaster

Temple Mount and Western Wall aerial from southwest, tb010703235
The Temple Mount and Western Wall from the southwest
Photo from the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands