Two Major Snow Storms in Jerusalem

With a foot of snow on the ground already, Jerusalem is bracing for a weekend storm that is estimated to be triple the size of the last one. The city’s mayor, Nir Barkat, said that that the city is facing “a battle against a rare storm, the likes of which we have never seen.” Some highways are closed and residents are being urged to stay home. From the Jerusalem Post:

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the next storm will likely strike in the early evening and last throughout tomorrow. “There are still hundreds of abandoned cars to deal with and it will be closed again during the next storm,” he said. “Police units are working to secure the city and will make patrols throughout the storm.”
Sprung added that residents and visitors should not leave their homes and are asked to check on and assist disabled and elderly neighbors.
“We need everyone to stay off the roads, secure their homes and wait until this next storm passes tomorrow,” she said.
Some 2,000 stranded motorists in the capital and on the highways leading to the city were rescued by police, IDF and Border Police forces.
We are currently using all means available to save the people stuck in the storm. Only after the weather calms will we be able to open all of the roadways in the city,” Barkat said Friday morning, adding that the city was facing “a battle against a rare storm, the likes of which we have never seen.”

The story includes more details and 8 photos of the recent storm. For scenic shots of Jerusalem in the snow some years ago, see our page here.

Photo of the Judean wilderness from the Mount of Olives
Photo from the Jerusalem volume

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