Weekend Roundup

IAA Press Release: “An Impressive Byzantine Period Monastery with a Spectacular Mosaic Floor was Exposed at the Entrance to Hura in the Northern Negev.” The high-res photos are here.

Exploring Bible Lands draws attention to the unique site known by some as the “Cove of the Sower.”

If you want to read just one review on the Noah movie, I’d recommend this one by Brian Mattson.

Eric Cline is interviewed on The Book and the Spade about his new book 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed. (Direct link to mp3 here.)

Logos is offering a 9-volume set on the Archaeology of Rome.

A new translation of the Tempest Stela suggests that the Thera eruption dates to the reign of pharaoh Ahmose.

Daily Mail: Archaeologists race to secure ancient burial site of three Egyptian kings that will make the treasure of Tutankhamun’s tomb look like a ‘display in Woolworths’

Haaretz: Ancient rock art is hidden all over the Negev.

The Associated Press suggests five free things to do in Tel Aviv.

On his recent trip to Israel, Wayne Stiles created 11 360-degree images of biblical sites.

He also has recommendations on great resources to get after your trip to Israel.

HT: Charles Savelle, Jack Sasson, Joseph Lauer

Byzantine period monastery at Hura.
Photographs by Skyview Company, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. The Thera eruption does not date to the time of Ahmose. See the Higgaion website. Is everything old always presented as new under the sun?

    Though I haven't seen the film, I did find the Noah movie review you linked to very perceptive.

    Also, civilization didn't collapse in 1177 BC, but I think Cline knows his title is ridiculously overblown.

  2. Here are a few comments by Darrel Bock in response to Brian Mattson's review of "Noah".

    "Gnosticism was decidedly negative about the value of creation and much of the movie affirms the creation and challenges how it is treated by people. Gnosticism is decidedly anti-material in its approach."

    "Hardly Gnostic. God is the Creator. In Gnosticism God does not mess with the material world. In Gnosticism God does not create. God is too spiritual in Gnosticism to do so. The creation also matters in this portrayal. Gnosticism has no such interests."

    "This work is not Gnostic. In Gnosticism God does not create and creation does not matter. God is above the material. This was a topic I wrote about years ago, having read all the ancient Gnostic texts."

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