Free Articles Online from PEQ, Levant, Tel Aviv

Maney Publishing is offering a “free taster” of articles from three of its journals on the Levant. To find these articles, go to the journal’s homepage and select the “Editor’s Choice” tab on the right hand side. To give you a sense for what is available, I’ve listed a few of the titles below.

Palestine Exploration Quarterly

“A Note on an Iron Age Four-Horned Altar from Tel Dothan,” by Shimon Gibson, Titus Kennedy, and Joel Kramer.

“Archaeological Evidence for a Previously Unrecognised Roman Town Near the Sea of Galilee,” by K. R. Dark.


“Camels, Copper and Donkeys in the Early Iron Age of the Southern Levant: Timna Revisited,” by
Caroline Grigson.

“Kings in Cuirass — Some Overlooked Full-Length Portraits of Herodian and Nabataean Dynasts,” by Andreas J. M. Kropp.

Tel Aviv

“The Pottery Assemblage from the Rock-Cut Pool near the Gihon Spring,” by Alon De Groot and Atalya Fadida.

“Four Notes on Taita King of Palistin with an Excursus on King Solomon’s Empire,” by Benjamin Sass.

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