2014 Batchelder Conference for Biblical Archaeology

The annual conference at the University of Nebraska Omaha has a number of interesting speakers and subjects. The conference runs from Thursday to Saturday and has a fee of only $10. Lectures include:

Jon Seligman, Villages and Monasteries in Jerusalem’s Hinterland during the Byzantine Period

Richard Freund, What Was Magdala in the Roman Period? An Archaeological Evaluation of the Evidence

James Tabor, From Qumran to Waco: The Dynamics of Messianism Ancient and Modern

J. Harold Ellens, Mari and the Bible

Mark Appold, Bethsaida Messianic Jews and Jerusalem Hellenists: Origins of the Earliest Christian Kerygma

David Jacobson, Hasmonean Coinage: Some Issues and Fresh Insights

Jerome Hall, Who Built the Kinneret Boat?

Harry Jol and others, Preliminary Ground-penetrating Radar Results from Explorations near the Ancient Anchorage of Kursi, Sea of Galilee, Israel

Phil Reeder, Using Maps as Research and Teaching Tools: Examples from Projects in Israel, Spain, and Poland

Rami Arav, The Origin of the Israelites and the Liminality Model

The full schedule is given here and the conference flyer is online here.


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