Weekend Roundup

Tales of gold are fueling a surge of looting in Jordan.

Jordan wants the Mesha Stele back from the Louvre. The story doesn’t mention that the French saved it after locals tried to destroy it.

LiveScience reports on David Kennedy’s study of the huge stone circles in Jordan.

A temple of Thutmose III was discovered by an Egyptian digging underneath his house.

The Washington University School of Medicine recently did CT scans on three Egyptian mummies.

This week at The Book and the Spade: Part 2 of Mary Magdalene and Magdala with Steven Notley.

The Phaistos Disk has not been deciphered, despite recent claims in a TEDx talk.

This week Wayne Stiles shares 4 Views of Jerusalem Every Visitor Should See.

HT: Charles Savelle, Agade


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