(Post by A.D. Riddle)

With apologies for getting this out late, today is the last day of an introductory sale on The Virtual Bible, by Accordance Bible Software.

The Virtual Bible [is] a new visual resource which offers three-dimensional reconstructions of the land of Israel, first-century Jerusalem, the Herodian Temple, and more. The visuals, which include still images and video fly-throughs, were developed by Dr. Daniel Warner of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. James Strange of the University of South Florida, in consultation with Leen Ritmeyer, an archaeological architect who is an expert on the Jerusalem Temple.

For sample videos, see this Accordance blog post.

For product details, click here.

This video shows how The Virtual Bible is produced.

As I was reading about this product, I learned that The Virtual Bible has been around for a little while (here and here; the project was begun in 1999). The Virtual Bible is new to Accordance, and they describe the product as “Enhanced” though I am not sure what that means.

For details of the sale, you can view the Accordance announcement here. The sale includes several other graphics packages in their summer sale, including four from BiblePlaces.com: