Biblical Archaeology Lectures at the American Jewish University

The Whizin Center and the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation’s 27th Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology is entitled “Bedouin, Archaeology, History and the Bible: Surprising New Answers for Old Questions.” This year’s lecturers are K. Lawson Younger and Clinton Bailey. The lecture titles are in the paper catalog, but not online.

  • “Why Do Some Scholars Claim the Exodus and Conquest of Canaan Never Happened?” (Younger)
  • “My Personal Discovery of Pre-Modern Bedouin Culture in the Negev and in the Sinai” (Bailey)
  • “Rethinking the Case for the Exodus and Conquest” (Younger)
  • “Were Abraham and His Descendants & the Moses Israelites Bedouin?” (Bailey)

A full list of events at the American Jewish University is here.

HT: G. M. Grena


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