Weekend Roundup, Part 2

Greek and Danish archaeologists are excavating Lechaion, the harbor town of ancient Corinth.

An “ancient arch of Palmyra which was destroyed by Isis will be recreated in Trafalgar Square and Times Square using the world’s largest 3D printer.”

Albawaba has a roundup of the nine sites destroyed by ISIS this year.

The Irish Times reports on the work of Syria’s director of antiquities in these difficult days.

New from IES: Debating Khirbet Qeiyafa: A Fortified City in Judah from the Time of King David, by Yosef Garfinkel, Igor Kreimerman and Peter Zilberg.

Shmuel Browns shares some beautiful photographs he took at the Dead Sea.

Owen Jarus looks ahead to what to expect in the archaeological world in 2016.

Luke Chandler notes a new book by Dale Manor, Digging Deeper into the Word:  The Relevance of Archaeology to Christian Apologetics.

The three surviving bronze heads of Hadrian are currently on display at the Israel Museum.

Wayne Stiles is offering a discount on autographed copies of his three books.

HT: Explorator, Agade, Joseph Lauer, Steven Anderson, Charles Savelle


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