Recommended Study Tour in Jordan

I highly recommend that students and teachers of the Bible go on a study trip in Jordan. You have no idea how much biblical history happened on the other side of the river until you spend two weeks seeing it all. It is extremely rewarding.

The best study tour of Jordan for students of the Bible is that taught by Dr. Ginger Caessens with the University of the Holy Land. I studied under Dr. Caessens in both Israel and Jordan and learned so much. She is offering the course again this summer and I encourage you to go!

Here are a few of the places you will visit: Gadara, Gerasa, Jabesh Gilead, Ramoth Gilead, Pella, Bethany beyond the Jordan, Rabbath-ammon, the Jabbok River, Penuel, Mahanaim, Adam, Sukkoth, the Dead Sea, Heshbon, Medeba (the map!), Ataroth, Aroer, Callirhoe, the copper mines of Feinan, Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, and much more!

The UHL website has all of the details.

Petra Kazneh, tb053008804
The Kazneh of Petra

3 thoughts on “Recommended Study Tour in Jordan

  1. Todd, I would second your recommendation of trips to Jordan by Dr. Caessens. She was a colleague of mine for quite a few years.


  2. If you and Carl recommend this course, then I'm sold. My wife and I will be submitting our applications. Hope I can get it all in the mail before the deadline. I will try to look on the SBL and/or ASOR membership list to see whether her email is listed. I wanted to give her a heads up. Thanks, Todd for the heads up on this. Craig Baugh

  3. Todd, As of this morning, Professor Caessens is not sure the course will happen. She has gotten some response from your post, but apparently they have not reached the minimum for the course to run. I'm hoping more participants will sign up in the next few days.

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