New Videos and Update on Satellite Bible Atlas

Bill Schlegel has produced new two teaching videos as a companion to the Satellite Bible Atlas:
12 The Negev, Part 1, Maps 1-12, 1-13 (10 min)
13 The Negev, Part 2, Maps 1-12, 3-1, 3-2 (12 min)

Also worthy of note is that the second edition of the Satellite Bible Atlas has been released. Purchase of the atlas ($28, includes free shipping in U.S.) includes several free bonuses:

  • All maps as digital files (jpg)
  • 70 new aerial photos (jpg)

These are available as free downloads upon purchase.

Other free downloads include:
The Land and the Bible: A Historical Geographical Companion to the Satellite Bible Atlas – An in-depth commentary on the 11 historical sections in the new atlas. 190 pages, pdf format.

**New: Regional Maps Introduction – A brief commentary on the first section in the Satellite Bible Atlas.
Study Questions for the Satellite Bible Atlas – Ideal for personal or classroom use.

You can learn more and see sample photos here.


3 thoughts on “New Videos and Update on Satellite Bible Atlas

  1. Dudley,
    Thanks for asking…
    The changes in the 2nd edition are not huge, but there are some.
    1. Typos, general editing. I’d guess there were over 50 spelling/typo changes in both the text commentary and on maps.
    2. Text commentary. The text went through another round of editing. I tried to add a few more theologically significant or devotional ideas, e.g., the importance of the Davidic Covenant on Map 5-6. Sometimes these additions are just a sentence or two.
    3. Maps – besides typo editing and a few other smaller changes (additional site names), some color was added to maps that I thought would help communicate the history/geography better. Like different colors for the divided kingdom, Map 6-1. There is one additional inset map on 5-6 showing the extent of the Solomonic Kingdom.
    4. Pictures – some aerial pictures taken more recently with a drone have been added.

    Again, the changes aren’t huge, and don’t warrant “getting another one”. The book looks the same, the page and map numbers are all the same…

    As mentioned in the blog post, all the new maps and over 70 aerial pictures (some used in the new printed edition) are available for jpg download for owners of the atlas: http://www.bibleplaces.com/sba-resources/


  2. I purchased Satellite Bible Atlas in Israel about 6 years ago, however I’m unable to locate by password or keylink or whatever I used in the past to download a couple of the maps. Can you help me? Thank You, Larry

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