A New York Times photo essay reveals how a Turkish dam project will submerge thousands of years of history.

Turkey is punishing Austria by cancelling their excavations at Ephesus, Limyra, Myra, and Antalya.

Ferrell Jenkins begins a new series on Visiting Iznik (Nicea, Nicaea), Turkey with a summary of the numerous trips he has made to the country over the last 50 years. Part 2 considers the testimony of history regarding church government, part 3 looks at the first ecumenical council, and part 4 visits the site of the seventh ecumenical council.

The New York Times reports on several digital archives of Middle Eastern archaeological artifacts, with a special focus on the Ur Online database.

A newly discovered beam from Khufu’s second boat may be the oars holder.

On the ASOR Blog, Reg Clark answers the question, “How and why did the [ancient] Egyptians
protect their tombs?”

Volume 4 of The Context of Scripture is available from Brill for pre-order.

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