I’ve mentioned before “Paul’s Walk from Troas to Assos” tour that is being led by Mark Wilson and Meg Ramey. I think it will be a fantastic trip because not only will you see many important sites in western Turkey, but it is rare to have the opportunity to experience the land by an extended walk that follows in Paul’s footsteps.

I’ve just learned that scholars and pastors qualify for a 50% discount on the trip. Whether you’re in that category or not, I think the trip will be extremely worthwhile. I have traveled with both Tutku Tours and Mark Wilson and they are top-notch.

The walk is about 30 miles (48 km), spread out over three days. They have a bus that will provide transportation for any not up to walking all of it.

Here’s the link for the itinerary and brochure. The dates are May 20 to 31 and the deadline for signing up is soon.

I took the three photos below on my trip to Turkey last month. I imagine the scenery will be even more beautiful in the spring.

Troas outer harbor, tb010517947
Harbor of Troas
Roman road west of Assos, tb010517863
Preserved portion of Roman road between Troas and Assos
Assos harbor sunset, tb010417628
Sunset from Assos harbor