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Today is the last day to sign up as a charter member of the new website Walking the Bible Lands.

Here’s my short explanation of why I recommend it:

Walking the Bible Lands is a marvelous resource for all those who have longed to visit Israel and for those who would love to return. The beautiful video footage makes you feel like you are right there, and Wayne Stiles carefully guides the viewer through his excellent biblical teaching and application. By joining this new site, you will feel like you’re there, without the scorching sun or the obnoxious crowds. I highly recommend it to all!


4 thoughts on “Walking the Bible Lands Website

  1. I hope this is the place you said to leave my comments on the weekly readings of the New Testament. I have a question for week 3 day 1. In Matthew 11:20-24 Jesus pronounces judgement on the cities of Israel for rejecting Jesus as Messiah. He states that their judgement would be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and some others. This sounds to me like there will be levels of punishment or torment in hell. Am I all wrong in this?

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