Many of my favorite stops in touring around Israel are viewpoints. Whether it’s on top of a mountain or a mosque, a cliff or a convent, an overlook of the biblical landscape captures so much from one vantage point.

I thought that this week we would solicit your perspective on the best vista on your itinerary. The site can be in Israel or any other biblical land. If you would like, you can explain why the overlook is your favorite. We’ll share some of the results later this week.

To prime your thinking, here are some vistas I have enjoyed.

  • Arbel cliffs
  • Nazareth overlook (aka Mount of Precipitation)
  • Muhraqa on Mount Carmel
  • Mount Gerizim
  • Nebi Samwil rooftop
  • Nimrod’s Castle
  • Mount of Olives tower
  • Masada
  • Wadi Qilt near St. George’s
  • Beit Jalla field school
  • Cliffs above En Gedi
  • Machtesh Ramon Visitor’s Center
  • Mount Zephahot near Eilat
  • Jebel Musa
  • Amman Citadel
  • Macherus
  • Petra High Place
  • Philippi acropolis
  • Acrocorinth

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