I was asked recently if I had a recommendation for a good book on the Temple Mount. I love easy questions! Here’s the short answer: http://amzn.to/2xZqkkf.

And here’s a slightly longer answer if you’re not sure which book of Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer to start with:
The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is the reference book that describes the sacred compound through the centuries. I doubt it will ever be surpassed. (I see that at the moment, Amazon has it for sale at more than 50% off.)

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Jerusalem: The Temple Mount. This newer Carta Guide is a quick and easy read that you can use to walk yourself around the complex. (You might not be allowed to carry it on the mount itself, but you can do what I did and read it first and take notes of what to look for.) This guide is full of fascinating details you probably will never learn otherwise.

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In addition to these two, Carta Jerusalem has published a number of shorter, subject-specific books that cost about $15 each. All are full-color and filled with the beautiful reconstructions that the Ritmeyers are known for.

Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament (2017)

Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah (2nd ed., 2015)

Jerusalem in the Year 30 AD (2nd ed., 2015)

Understanding the Holy Temple Jesus Knew (2017)

The Ritual of the Temple in the Time of Christ (2015)

Several of these books are available in Accordance. (I don’t see any available from Logos or Olive Tree at present.)

If you’re looking for beautiful images to use in personal study and teaching, check out the Image Library of Ritmeyer Archaeological Design for a large selection of unique images at very reasonable prices.