A long-time colleague of mine has a new book just out this week on Jesus’s final days in Jerusalem. Will Varner has taught at The Master’s University for 24 years, and he has led more than 50 trips to Israel. His new book, Passionate about the Passion Week, offers another look at “familiar texts through a fresh lens.” That being his objective, he does not treat every event recorded in the Gospels during those days, but only those that deserve a second look. You can get an idea of his interest from some of the chapter titles:Passion-front-cover

  • The Beginning of the Via Dolorosa
  • Palm Monday?
  • How Did He Get Away with It? The Cleansing of the Temple
  • No “Garden of Gethsemane!” Is Nothing Sacred?
  • Different Viewpoints of the Resurrection

The book is enhanced by beautiful photos taken by a colleague of Varner’s who has taught at The Master’s University for decades. And it’s not me—the professor whose office is next to mine is an outstanding photographer who has many dozens of photos better than my best one. I have long been a fan of Brian Morley’s work, and I’m delighted to see some of it showcased in this book.

This book has just been released, and this is an ideal time to purchase a copy, with the events of the Passion Week coming soon. You can order the book in paperback or hardcover here. (And now on Amazon: paperback and hardcover)

The book has a number of enthusiastic endorsements, including these:

“Will Varner is an experienced and trusted guide both to the Bible and to the Holy Land. I can’t think of a better person to lead us through the Scriptures and geographical details of the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry. This volume will both educate your mind and nourish your soul.”

Robert L. Plummer (PhD), Collin and Evelyn Aikman Professor of Biblical Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Tradition reigns during Holy Week, but with gentle prodding Will Varner pokes at what we think is true about Jesus’ final week on earth and guides us into better ways of understanding. By questioning accepted interpretations and reminding us what the biblical texts actually say, this book illuminates the most important week of human history. After you rethink your assumptions and consider new ideas, you will discover that the author’s passion for our Lord Jesus Christ has deepened your own.”

William L. Krewson (PhD), Professor, School of Divinity, Cairn University

“Your book is a masterpiece of fresh examination and insights. It is scholarly, uplifting, Christ-exalting, and God-honoring.”

Dr. Gary Cohen, Retired Seminary Professor and Army Chaplain