Move the Megiddo Prison

So says the Israel Antiquities Authority in a press release last week. They suggest that the prison be re-located in its entirety so that the early church building discovered there can be more fully excavated and displayed to the public. The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz also published articles on the recommendation.

Here’s an aerial photo that shows the relative location of the prison to the tell of Megiddo.


4 thoughts on “Move the Megiddo Prison

  1. Hey Todd,

    Don’t be discouraged by the lack of comments. People are still reading this blog though. 🙂 I guess they just prefer to comment on the personal posts in Todd’s Thoughts.
    Thanks for the regular updates and healthy opinions from Israel and Bible related topics.

    God bless,

    dan from Brazil

  2. Hey,

    This was one of the topics of casuall conversation for our men’s breakfast at Taylor Creek Church (www.taylorcreekchurch.org) near Seattle Washington. We were currious if there are any websites that can keep us up to date on this significant find.

  3. Thanks for the pic. I’m not sure what significance the church and prison have relative to the valley per se, but I would have loved to be a fly on their walls from the perspective of the significance of megiddo in the days to come.

  4. Good! close the prison open the archeological church! the site could be linked to the nature area near by, to the Megiddo archeological site, and to the beautiful synagogues of Zippori.

    Megiddo is a place for a meeting for peace for all the wars.
    Transform Armageddon, build a peace culture for the children of the world, develop art, music not war.

    Odile Hugonot Haber,
    Ann Arbor MI

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