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As a grad student in biblical history, I recognized the reference value of Biblical Archaeology Review and began a subscription and collecting back issues. It took me about a decade to get them all (the 70s are rare), but I finally succeeded. I had them all bound (not cheap), and then they came out with all the issues on CD. The advantages of having the articles on computer are obvious, but the printed editions with their large, beautiful pictures still are useful. Now I see a nearly complete set of the first 20 years for sale. The listing, as received from my ABEBooks want list is:

Biblical Archaeology Review (ISSN 0098-9444), Shanks, Hershel (Editor) Biblical Archaeological Society, Hard Cover & Paperback, A set of 17 bound volumes and 14 loose-leaf bi-monthly issues from 1975 to 1995 (vv1-17,20 are bound). Issues 18:1, 4 issues are missing.
Bookseller: International ALERT Academy, Big Sandy, TX
Price: US$ 266.00

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I paid much more than that just to have my issues bound. Some issues cost me $10 each. Of course if you’re going to be moving back and forth across the ocean, the CD is preferable!


8 thoughts on “Biblical Archaeology Review: Back Issue Set

  1. The CD has small, low-resolution pictures. They suffice to give you the idea but aren’t as impressive as the full-page shots in the printed edition.

  2. Todd, does the CD allow you to search ads, or just articles?

    Here’s a test: Try searching for “LACHISH ANTIQUITIES FOR SALE” or “Donald Brown”.

    They originally appeared in the Classified section of the May/June 1981 issue, p. 19.

    I’m also curious if you can search Queries & Comments. Jeffrey Chadwick wrote a good response to Ziony Zevit over the Ai/Bethel location dispute on pp. 20 & 22 of the July/August 1985 issue. Is it searchable on the CD?

  3. The BAS Library is also available -and very nicely searchable -online. It does require a paid membership.

  4. Kind Attn: Mr/ Mrs Todd Bolen
    May I request you to suggest me how can I collect the issue: Biblical Archaeology Review, September October 1978, vol.4, no 3? I don’t have idea if the bookseller as you mentioned: International ALERT Academy, Big Sandy, TX have the issue or do not have any contact details. Can you please suggest anything regarding the availability of the same ( print version only). Shall be grateful for your kind information.// Best Regards, Ghosh

    1. I do not know. The older issues are pretty rare–as I noted in this post, and you just have to keep your eyes open, as sometimes libraries are getting rid of their collection or someone is listing them on eBay. The post you are commenting on is 15 years old, so I am not surprised that if this bookseller mentioned here is no longer in business.

  5. Sincere thanks for your reply. You are right the book seller as you mentioned : International ALERT Academy, Big Sandy, TX did not provide me any reply of my enquiry. This version is not also available at Abe books as they replied. Only hope to get it available by any eBay or Amazon book sellers as you suggested.// Best Regards, Ghosh

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