The State of “Palestinian Archaeology”

You don’t read much about “Palestinian archaeology,” that is research done by Arabs in the West Bank. This article gives a little insight into why that is (HT: Explorator). One thing of note for biblical studies is the “freshly uncovered Bronze Age site called Tell Etell, a few kilometers outside Ramallah.” Certainly this must be a reference to the site sometimes identified as Ai, which is anything but “freshly uncovered” (it was first excavated in 1928). I can see why it would be an attractive site for Palestinians: 1) its proximity to the large city of Ramallah, and 2) its apparent discrediting of the historicity of the Israelite conquest when identified as Ai. For a brief note about the problems with et-Tell as Ai, see this BiblePlaces page with photos and links.

Early Bronze temple (or palace) of et-Tell

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