Guess Where These Photos Were Taken

In my completely non-objective opinion, the Pictorial Library is the best collection of Bible-related photos on the planet. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped taking pictures. Today was just one of many incredible days that the Lord has given us lately for photos. It was so good though that I am very tired, and so this blog is going to give only questions and no answers. If you want the answers, sign up for the BiblePlaces Newsletter. If all goes well, we’ll have a great issue out next week that answers these questions and more.

The question: where were these pictures taken and what are they?

Hint: they were all taken within a 10-mile (15-km) radius.

Our preference would be that you not put any answers in the comments section (and spoil the fun for others). You are welcome to make other comments or to note how many of the pictures you correctly identified (place and object). My guess is that very few, if any, of my readers know them all (with correct specifics).


2 thoughts on “Guess Where These Photos Were Taken

  1. The BiblePlaces Newsletter went out today and it was pointed out to me that I didn’t explain where the first two photos were taken, as promised. So the answers are:
    1. Hisham’s Palace (same as #4)
    2. Inside Qumran Cave 4b. I betcha didn’t even know there was such a cave.

  2. Hi Todd, My name is Gordy Callison. I noticed in The Bible Places Tour via computer link up, that the photo of the Sea of Galilee is titled as being 700 feet below sea level. Don't you mean 'The Dead Sea' ?
    I have been working on a board game on the Holy Lands for over fifty years. It's not quite done yet. I have pictures taken from the late 1800s up into the 1950s, covering everything from military, governments,peoples of Palestine, animal life, flora and fauna, modes of transport, Jerusalem,ect.
    When done, it can be played both as a board game on a table in the kitchen or living room and and on a laptop. The controller is a man by the name of G. Cosmos, who has been my Israeli partner for several years, but I would welcome aboard a man of your position and Christian perspective. signed,
    Gordon M Callison, Graduate of Maryland Bible College & Seminary, 2005. write [email protected]
    also checkout my website for my artistic abilities at either Yahoo, Google or Roadrunner viz artbygordy.com; gordysart.com; Historical Re-Creations, name of former business.

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