What Do You Know About This Photo?

I took the above photo today. A few questions about it:

1. Can you figure out where it was taken?

2. Can you imagine a more beautiful time of year?

3. What are most of the trees in this photo (and in the entire region)?

4. Can you name at least 7 events of biblical significance that happened within the view of this photo?

5. What common theme characterizes this area from biblical times until present?

To check your answers, see this page.


4 thoughts on “What Do You Know About This Photo?

  1. Isn’t it the Jezreel Valley with Gerezim and Nebo in the distance?

    I think it is about the most perfect time of year, though when I was there last month it was quite lovely. 🙂

    Olive trees!!!

  2. Makes me want to go open a jar of olives and munch away…and also start buckling down on saving toward my first trip to Israel, which I hope to take in a year or so.
    Beautiful photo, Todd.

  3. This was a really fun challenge. You should do this more often. Have a weekly/monthly challenge with a photo like this. Get people guessing about it to see what people think and then reveal the answers the next day or so. Really cool AND interactive.

    I also liked the fact that you gave all the Biblical events that took place there. It made that picture worth more than a thousand words!

  4. My guesses:
    1. Mt. Gerazim/Mt. Ebal
    2. I never saw this area- weren’t allowed, and it was the fall, but this is lovely.
    3. Olive trees
    4. a)blessings and curses, b)samaratin passover (2 out of 7 is not a passing grade)
    5. turmoil?

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