More Talk on the Dead Sea Canal

You could be forgiven for thinking that a new problem has been discovered and a rapid response is underway from the Sunday Times article, “Race is on to save the Dead Sea.” In fact, a Red Sea-Dead Sea aqueduct has been considered by Israel and Jordan for at least a decade. Whether or not the current discussions are more serious is difficult to know. The article notes that the flow of the Jordan River into the Dead Sea is 7% of what it was before the countries began diverting its flow. The declining level (cited at 1 meter/3 feet per year) is certainly causing problems with sinkholes and unstable terrain.

The article suggests that Jordan is most interested in the project because the bulk of it would be done on their side, with outside financing. Despite the hopes that a joint Arab-Israeli project would increase peace prospects, the way that this project stands the best chance of succeeding is if it is largely constructed by one country or the other.

Dead Sea: the shoreline just keeps getting farther and farther away.

3 thoughts on “More Talk on the Dead Sea Canal

  1. Interesting article. I really liked the part about the dropping level of the Dead Sea disrupting the “delicate ecosystem.” It is called the “Dead” Sea for a reason! I also like how the environmentalists are worried about the impartation of water from the Red Sea causing unexpected algae growth, changing the water from blue to brown or red. Why this is a concern for them is beyond me. And it is typical that they have no solution for the problem, just objections.

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