Encyclopedia Judaica (Almost) Ready

I mentioned this some months ago, but the 2nd edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica will soon be available for purchase. The 22-volume work includes 21,000 entries in 17,000 pages at a cost of $1,995. One entire volume is on Israel, and the Holocaust is the second longest entry. The Jerusalem Post has more details, or you can see the official website (one page only at this point), or pre-order it at Amazon. It’s due out December 8.


3 thoughts on “Encyclopedia Judaica (Almost) Ready

  1. Sorry, guys, but this is a little beyond my budget!

    I seriously doubt you’ll ever see the EJ for Libronix or any other decent software program. The old EJ is available as software and it’s one of the worst programs I’ve seen. I think they want to sell lots of printed EJs to rich Americans and will probably hold for several years at least before going electronic.

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