Free Dead Sea Scrolls Mug

The Biblical Archaeology Society has a survey for current subscribers that takes not more than 5 minutes and after which you can supply a mailing address to receive a free Dead Sea Scrolls mug. 

This normally sells for $10.

Unfortunately, they don’t have space for comments. If they did, I’d complain that they sell my address to others. Ironically, in the email requesting subscribers to do the survey, they say, “We will not sell your mailing or email address and nobody will contact you as a result of your responses.” But they do sell your magazine subscription address without asking or telling you.


2 thoughts on “Free Dead Sea Scrolls Mug

  1. I took the survey too, & was also disappointed by some of the choices. For instance, “What irritates you most about BAR?” Here I would have wanted to say that I hate it when they present dates as if they’re facts rather than scholarly guesses. I’m irritated the most when I read one article that uses the early range for Hezekiah’s reign, then another article that uses the later range. In each case, the editor should be knowledgeable enough to know it’s a disputed subject, & simply footnote it with a reference to both ranges, or just a general remark to the ballpark timeframe (e.g., ca. 700 BC). Also, “Do you like to go on archaeology tours?” & “Do you like to participate in archaeological digs? ” should’ve begun with “Would…” since “Do” presumes everyone participating in the survey has already done it. And though I was able to answer the “approximate household annual income” question, I was surprised that they didn’t offer something under $50k. Don’t any students working part-time jobs subscribe? And I skipped the final question, “What is your approximate net worth?” I understand what they’re trying to determine here, but I protest on theological grounds since it’s hard to put a price on Jesus’ shed blood (& besides, they didn’t have a category low enough for me anyway). I passed on the mug offer, & submitted it anonymously.

  2. How about that they slapped all us biblical archaeology fans in the face by combining BAR with their other two mags.? I don’t remember hearing about a huge demand for the move. I make far, far less than 50k, and I am a student!

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