Sukkot Activities in Israel

Numerous national parks in northern Israel are open to the public for free throughout the festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles) this week. The Jewish Agency is sponsoring the free admission in order to encourage tourism in the north following this summer’s war.

The sites include:

  • Sepphoris (Zippori) National Park
  • Achziv National Park
  • Horshat Tal National Park
  • Baram National Park
  • Tel Hazor National Park
  • Nahal Iyon (Ayoun) Nature Reserve
  • Nimrod Fortress National Park
  • Kursi (Gergesa) National Park
  • Corazim (Chorazin) National Park
  • Ein Afek (Aphek) Nature Reserve
  • Nahal Amoud Nature Reserve
  • Hamat Tiberias National Park
  • Beit She’arim National Park
  • Beit Alfa Synagogue National Park
  • Kochav Hayarden (Belvoir) National Park
  • Tel Megiddo National Park
  • Nahal Me’arot Nature Reserve
  • Majersa (Batiha) Nature Reserve
  • Gamla Nature Reserve
  • Hula Valley Nature Reserve
  • Yehiam Fortress National Park
  • Beit She’an (Beth Shean) National Park
  • Agmon Hahula Yarden Park

Arutz-7 has a list of many other Sukkot activities, including a hike near Hebron, tours of the Temple Mount, concerts and more.

Mosaic floor from Tiberias synagogue featuring a lulav (palm frond) and etrog (citron), now on display at Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv


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