New Videos of Ancient Sites in Israel

Tim Bulkeley of ebibletools.com has recently completed several videos (or narrated slideshows) of archaeological sites in Israel, including Lachish, Arad, and Megiddo. Each is approximately five minutes long and they are interesting and informative (though the Arad remains are Early, not Middle Bronze). I’ve had it in mind to do something like this myself, and perhaps this will renew my motivation. One subject that would lend itself well to this is the location of Jesus’ crucifixion. Tim also has some of his photos of Israel available for free (non-commercial) use.

HT: ANE-2 Yahoo Group


5 thoughts on “New Videos of Ancient Sites in Israel

  1. The Beersheba video is also interesting. I hope someone (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) will eventually do videos for Jericho, Ramat Rahel, Mizpah, & especially the pool & water system at Gibeon.

  2. There’s a funny pattern of your website posting something on an archaeological site shortly before or after I visit it 🙂 For my birthday, my wife and 2 daughters agreed to humor me this past Sunday and see Tel Beer Sheva, Tel Arad (the museum in Arad city is gone! to where?), and Mamshit. Tim’s video helped explain some things, thanks, Tim!

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