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The best multimedia Bible ever made, as far as I know, is iLumina.  Over the last couple of years, it has been released in several versions, but now I see that the Gold Premium edition (a step above the Parent-Teacher-Student edition) is out and available for the very good price of $50 (retail is $90). 

I’ve given a number of copies of iLumina to friends and it has always been well received (and we’re giving a few more this year). 

The program includes:

multiple commentaries, including the Life Application Study Bible Notes, concordances, interactive charts, interactive maps, DIGITAL animations and virtual tours, photographs, and discussion Bible study questions, plus much more….

  • 22 Volume Searchable Bible Encyclopedia
  • 35 animations and 25 virtual tours
  • 10,000 Bible Study notes
  • 8,900 in-depth articles
  • 200 maps and Bible charts
  • 1000 HolyLand Photos
  • 478 Guided Study and Quizzes
  • Full search and concordance features
  • New Living Translation and KJV
  • and more!

Personally, I’m not so enamored with the Bible translations or the Bible study notes (you can find these in plenty of books and software programs).  But I love some of the reconstructions, screenshots, and photos. 

For lots of details and the discounted price, see Sunday Software.


4 thoughts on “iLumina Bible Software

    1. This software is now 15 years old, so if you can find it, it may not work on your computer. iLumina seemed to be pretty short-lived, and it was replaced by Glo; I don’t believe that Glo is either available or supported today either. But Glo does apparently live on as a mobile app.

  1. Is Ilumina Bible program on DVD still available. I live in South Africa. I stil have my DVDs but my new PC don’t download.

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