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BiblePlaces readers may be interested in signing up for the Contextual Reflections newsletter published regularly by Preserving Bible Times (producer of the Above Israel DVD set).  These Reflections are rooted in a strong knowledge of biblical geography and history and are thought-provoking as well.  I cited the December issue in the discussion of “No Room in the Inn” and have frequently found the insights to be beneficial and challenging. 

The signup sheet is rather intimidating, but you can check what you want.  The signup sheet may lead you to believe that you’re in for frequent mailings and sales pitches, but I have found neither to be true.  As a subscriber, I get good, helpful content about biblical matters.  I recommend it.


One thought on “Contextual Reflections: Newsletter

  1. Thanks, Todd. I’ve subscribed to it. You’re right, it looks intimidating. It looks like we’ll be receiving a lot of email. But thanks for your post on this matter.

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