Visiting Jordan

A good follow-up to the Beyond Cyprus post is yesterday’s article in the Star-Telegram about a reporter’s visit to Jordan.  The article is well-written and interesting, but the author doesn’t mention some of my favorite sites in Jordan, including:

  • Macherus – where John the Baptist was beheaded
  • Penuel and Mahanaim – where Jacob wrestled with the angel
  • Medeba – location of the oldest map of the Holy Land (from 580 A.D.)
  • Amman acropolis – where Uriah was killed following David’s adultery
  • Kerak – capital of the Moabites (ancient Kir/Kir-hereseth)

Too few students of the Bible go to Jordan, and those that do, usually miss the best places.  The University of the Holy Land periodically does a two-week trip in Jordan; it is led by Dr. Ginger Caessens and is excellent.  Their website indicates the next one planned is June 2008.

One other thought from the Star-Telegram article: Bethany beyond the Jordan is quickly becoming over-commercialized.  And it is very likely not the place mentioned in the Bible.

Mountains of Edom

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