UNESCO: Excavation not damaging Temple Mount

In logic that only the U.N. is capable of, UNESCO is scheduled to release its findings tomorrow that the excavation of the Temple Mount ramp is not harming the Temple Mount but that the dig should be suspended.  The Jerusalem Post has the story.

Where was UNESCO when the Temple Mount was being illegally excavated for years by the Muslims?


4 thoughts on “UNESCO: Excavation not damaging Temple Mount

  1. You have an interesting blog, but can you perhaps shed some light on how the muslims excavated near the al aqsa mosque illegally?

  2. Sgt Foster – I don’t know of a timeline like that. The best thing I can recommend to you is the book, The Quest, by Leen Ritmeyer. It is a history of the Temple Mount and it is new and very good. But it’s a book and not a timeline.

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