M.A. in Archaeology and Bible at Southwestern

Periodically I am asked where one can go to study biblical archaeology. The list is quite short, but just increased by one. I’m not quite sure what they mean that this is the only M.A. in archaeology and biblical studies. Wheaton has one, and there are others. I still favor studying biblical archaeology in the land of the Bible, and the best place I know of for a Master’s degree in the subject is Jerusalem University College. One significant advantage of the program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is that Professor Steven Ortiz is heading up an excavation at Gezer. Thus, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of hands-on experience, both in the field and in the lab. Here’s the press release:

Archaeology degree approved Trustees unanimously approved what is the nation’s only program currently offering a Master of Arts in archeology and biblical studies. The program will be administered through the School of Theology. This graduate-level degree offers advanced work in the classical archaeological disciplines of archaeological methods; fieldwork; archaeological, historical and biblical backgrounds; and ancient biblical and cognate languages. “It is a 98-hour, comprehensive program that will be the premier program of its kind in the United States” said David Kammler, chairman of the trustees’ Academic Administration committee and professor of mathematics at Southern Illinios University at Carbondale. “I am personally delighted that the seminary is going in this direction,” said trustee chairman McClain. “As a professor of Old Testament, I know there is a great need.” “Our new archeology program is developing and is critically important [because] archaeology programs in our seminaries have ceased to exist,” said President Paige Patterson. “Yet there is both apologetic and educational value in these studies.” Steven Ortiz, associate professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds and director of Southwestern’s Charles C. Tandy Museum, was impressed by the trustees’ action. “I am encouraged by the boldness and visionary leadership of the trustees to support our new archaeology program,” Ortiz said afterwards. “This program will be preparing students for the field of archaeology and also bringing Southwestern back as a major contributor to current biblical archaeological research.”


5 thoughts on “M.A. in Archaeology and Bible at Southwestern

  1. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary also offers the M.A. in Biblical Archaeology and will have several students participating at Gezer.

  2. Just what we need in our discipline–more Fundamentalists with an agenda. I can say that as a SWBTS PhD grad in Biblical Backgrounds and Archeology. It should be a crime….

  3. Just what we need in our discipline–more anonymous cowards with PhD degrees ready to condemn all with a single charge.

    I know the program director and am certain that Mr. Anonymous does not know him, given the baseless nature of the charge. (The program director has only worked at SWBTS this year, so it is certain Mr. Anonymous did not study under him.)

    Those who think that agendas are unique to fundamentalists have not learned the first thing about the discipline.

    One would hope that SWBTS will do a better job of graduating PhD students who are competent and fair in the future.

  4. Well, the last two comments just turned me away from SWBTS for good! Too bad no one chose to post about the program, just to call names. I was looking for information about quality programs in archeology. I'll look other places. . .

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