I have been alerted to a couple of articles related to Paul’s shipwreck on Malta.  These are largely in response to a recent popular theory by Robert Cornuke.  According to the author, Mark Gatt:

My greatest concern now is a relatively new thesis that the shipwreck occurred on the Munxar reef near Marsascala. Just because 4 or 6 roman anchors were found near the Munxar reef, a myth has been fabricated claiming a completely different site and totally ignoring our traditions. In his book The Lost Shipwreck of Paul, Robert Cornuke has traced the finding of such roman anchors and has unconvincingly created this myth. I have no archaeological or scholastic pretences, I am an avid scuba diver and my knowledge is limited to these islands, both above and below sea level, local tradition and The Acts of The Apostles. With this limited arsenal of knowledge I shall attempt to rebut the cause for Munxar as described in this book.

The articles are:

St. Paul’s Lost Shipwreck: Has the site been truly discovered?

Lead Anchor Stock Discovered: Could this anchor have come from St. Paul’s Shipwreck?