Logos' "Ultimate Archaeology Collection"

A commenter on the previous post noted that Logos Bible Software also offers aimage package of electronic works on archaeology. For an extra $125 (total: $400), the Logos collection also includes Biblical Archaeologist, Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land (ed. A. Negev), and a few others. Biblical Archaeologist includes 60 years (1938-1998) and normally sells for about $120. The Archaeological Encyclopedia is an older edition (earlier even than the current 2001 edition), but still useful. The other works (need I comment on “Photos from the Holy Land“?) are not significant. One other advantage of this offer is that it doesn’t seem to have an expiration date.
UPDATE (6/9): Interesting timing here, as days after this anonymous commenter (Logos employee?) mentions the set, it is featured in the Logos newsletter. The price is still $400, but I feel compelled to address this prominent claim:

If you ever use visual aids for your sermons and lessons and include images to enhance or illustrate your text – you will love The Ultimate Archaeology Collection.

That statement is false. I think there are many good reasons to purchase the collections, but the pictures is not one of them. Many people have told me this, and I have observed it myself. I use thousands of pictures from multiple sources in teaching various courses on the Bible and archaeology, but I don’t use these pictures.


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