The Nazareth Cross

nazareth_cross In the “you’ve got to be kidding me” file goes this story about the world’s largest cross being erected in Nazareth.  Besides the fact that such a 200-foot towering construction would be so out of place aesthetically, there’s the issue of Christian-Muslim relations in the town of Jesus’ childhood.  In short, there’s not one chance in a million that the Muslims will allow it.  If legal challenges don’t stop it, violence will.  The official site is http://www.nazarethcross.com/  You have to wonder – what would Jesus have thought as a child if he knew what people would one day try to do. 

Or what does he think now?  If you look over the website and aren’t convinced it’s a crass marketing effort, you didn’t read this.  7.2 million tiles times 100 bucks equals $720 million.  Wish I had thought of it.


8 thoughts on “The Nazareth Cross

  1. “The central location of the church together with a circular monorail transportation system will provide pilgrims easy access to and from the historic Christian churches, the Fountain of Mary and the city’s central bazaars.”
    By far my favorite quote from the site.

  2. I sat with one of their freelancers today while discussing a project we have going with another project he’s working on. Supposedly, no matter what’s being said in the papers, everything’s already been approved. They’ve already got hundreds of orders coming in from various churches around the world. We’re talking seven figures already.
    Only in Israel could something like this get through bureaucracy without falling through. Incredible. It’s nice to see that the Vatican officially opposed it. If anyone can put real pressure on Israeli bureaucracy it will be them.

  3. Compare the scale of the 60-meter cross in the artist’s impression to the 66-meter Basilica of the Annunciation. (It’s the conical-roofed building in the right foreground.)

    If the artwork is this deceptive, what are we to make of the whole venture? If it’s not a big swindle, I’ll be very surprised.

  4. Nazareth is a christian city!! and will always be like this!!!!!!
    The cross should be built with or without accepting it the moslems!

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