Bethsaida Excavations 2007

This year’s excavations at Bethsaida (et-Tell) are mentioned in a brief news report in today’s Caspari Center Media Review.

This season’s excavations have come to an end at Bethesda, with new findings related to the Iron Age gate of the city as well as the plaza in front of it. According to Dr. Rami Arav, the excavation’s director, “In the area next to the gate, we found parts of the main street that led into the city from the gate. On this paved road, from the ninth century B.C.E., we plan to lead visitors to the site from the gate.”

I haven’t seen any other reports, but you can read week-by-week summaries of excavation at the www.bethsaidaexcavation.com website.  Go here for the 2007 reports.


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