Carta's New Century Handbook

I’ve updated the post about this below, listing the differences with it and The Sacred BridgeEisenbrauns skipped the Evangelical Theological Society conference in San Diego last week, so I didn’t get to see the book myself.  I hope this doesn’t mean that Eisenbrauns is losing interest in the evangelical market.


2 thoughts on “Carta's New Century Handbook

  1. They couldn’t be at ASOR, then SBL, and the smaller ETS market all three in a single week! Checked it out at ASOR and then bought a copy at SBL–looks great!

  2. Todd,

    As Dr. M mentioned, we can’t be everywhere at the same time 🙁 We try to get to ETS once every 3-4 years; more than that is difficult, given the size of our staff.


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