Excavation Opportunities in 2008

If this is your summer to volunteer on an archaeological excavation, then a great resource is FindADig.com from the Biblical Archaeology Society.  Many digs around Israel and in other countries are listed, with details on dates, cost, and requirements.  There are many good options, but if pressed my top recommendations would be Hazor, Gezer, and Gath.  If you don’t have much money or time, check out the Temple Mount sifting operation.  Most excavations are summer projects, but you can dig on Mount Zion in March.

Gezer excavations, tb062806949
Excavations at Gezer, June 2006

7 thoughts on “Excavation Opportunities in 2008

  1. I don’t know enough about the Megiddo dig or personnel (aside from a few books by the directors) to put it at the top of my recommended list. Word on the street was that the excavation results in recent seasons were disappointing. It is interesting that this year there are digs going on at Hazor, Megiddo, and Gezer. Whatever happened to the death of biblical archaeology?

  2. Todd,
    Thanks for the kind recommendation about the excavations at Gath! Why don’t you come and join us as well? And at the same time, bring a group with you?
    At Gath, we unabashedly “do” Biblical Archaeology, with a capital B and A …


  3. I will like to have some fielwork experience but all of them cost a lot and I dont find any grant or scholarships for this. How the student of archeology that doesnt have too much money can get any experience? This is more business than a real learning experience. Education must be for all and the practices also.

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