Mazar: Seal of Temah Reading Wrong

The Biblical Archaeology Society has a section now that features Mazar’s original announcement, the rejection of this reading by Deutsch and Rainey, and Mazar’s acceptance of the reading of Shlomit. 

The site also includes a high-res photograph of the seal.  The original posting about this discovery is here.  Rainey suggests that this might be Shlomit, the daughter of Zerubbabel, mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:19.

Update (2/5): The Jerusalem Post now covers the story.


2 thoughts on “Mazar: Seal of Temah Reading Wrong

  1. Unusual to see an archaeologist accept a well thought out correction from others without defensiveness and posturing. I think the scholarly community has a lot to learn from this example. Congrats to Mazar.

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