Excavations and Politics in the City of David

The AP has a nothing-else-to-report-today article about the Israeli excavations in the City of David, focusing particularly on the political aspects. The thesis of the article is summed up in this paragraph:

Israel says it’s reconnecting with its ancient heritage. Palestinians contend the archaeology is a political weapon to undermine their own links to Jerusalem.

The article interviews both sides, though it’s not in-depth enough to satisfy either side. My contribution to the story is a photograph of the City of David that shows the area sometime in the first half of the 20th century, but without most of the buildings.

08433uJerusalem from south Kidron Valley, mat08433
City of David from the south
Source: Library of Congress, LC-matpc-08433
Some information and photos about ancient sites in the area can be found at these BiblePlaces.com pages: City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Warren’s Shaft, and Pool of Siloam.

3 thoughts on “Excavations and Politics in the City of David

  1. Is that picture from the Matson collection available on the Library of Congress website? I was looking through that the other day…fascinating stuff. Any other resources like it out there?

  2. Tim – yes, it is from the Matson collection. I’ve been working with those photos for about 3 years now, to create some easier-to-use, subject-related collections on C. I’m hoping to finish this summer. As for other resources, there are those at http://www.LifeintheHolyLand.com and a few others that I’m working on. There are others but none that I know of that are either better or available.

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