5th Volume of NEAEH

It has been noted on the ANE-2 list that the 5th (Supplement) volume to the New Encyclopedia of vol5Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land (NEAEH) is off the press.  The book is co-published by the Israel Exploration Society and the Biblical Archaeology Society, which should make it easy to buy in either the US or Israel.  Neither site yet has it listed for sale.  When it becomes available, I’ll note it here.  I commented on the original set previously here.

Update (4/8): The Israel Exploration Society has a 4-page pdf file describing the new volume.  On this side of the ocean, Eisenbrauns has it listed for sale (but not yet shipping).  The volume is 600 pages and costs $150 (which is the same as the price for the entire 4-volume set).

Update (4/9): The Biblical Archaeology Society is selling it now for $120 plus $10 shipping.  The first 25 orders get a free copy of The City of David, Revisiting Early Excavations (reg. $150).  There doesn’t seem to be a way to indicate if you are in the first 25 or not, so I would assume that once 25 orders have been taken, they will remove the red print of the special offer so as to not mislead customers into thinking that they might qualify.

Update (4/16): BAS has extended the special offer to the first 115 orders.  For those more advanced in their interest of archaeology in Israel and Jerusalem, this is a great deal.


3 thoughts on “5th Volume of NEAEH

  1. FYI: I placed an order for it the first day BAS offered it, hoping I’d get the bonus book; & today, I received confirmation that I will indeed be getting the bonus; however, I was informed that the NEAEHLv5 shipment has just left Israel. I was not given a firm shipment date, but I’m very much looking forward to it. So did you order one too?

  2. G.M. – I did. I hope it arrives soon, as I can make use of it in present research. Unfortunately, as noted at the Gath blog, the update is already out of date, as most of the articles were written 5 years ago.

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