Golf Where Jesus Prayed

I’ve heard talk about a golf course planned on Arbel overlooking the Sea of Galilee for years, but this JPost article makes it sound like it’s getting closer to realization.  (Interpreted for those unfamiliar with the Israeli system, that means that there are now less than 472,325 legal obstacles remaining.)  
Here are a few numbers mentioned in the article:

2: Number of 18-hole golf courses in Galilee

150: Cost of the ultra-luxury resort (in millions of dollars)

8: Cost of water treatment plant already built (in millions of dollars)

The official website: www.israelbythesea.com

There will also is a golf course planned for Eilat, and JPost has a computer-generated image of what it might look like.

This blog post title is an allusion to the idea that Arbel may have been the mountain on which Jesus withdrew to pray (Matt 14:23; Mark 6:46; Luke 6:12).  I should trademark it and trade it to the developers for one of the gazillion-dollar memberships.

Sea of Galilee and Arbel cliffs panorama, tb0221007888sr
Arbel and the Sea of Galilee from the west

2 thoughts on “Golf Where Jesus Prayed

  1. Although my overall reaction to this story is negative, a golf resort on Arbel isn’t as bad as Pat Robertson’s planned theme park on the shore of the lake.

  2. Having scaled Arbel a couple of times, I can’t think of a more stunning splace to play a round of golf. The Galilee is so economically depressed that the development could only help.
    I stumbled on your blog and recently subscribed through google reader.

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