A few years ago I posted a photo comparison of one of the best rolling stone tombs in Israel – before vandals destroyed it and after.  For convenience, here are those pictures of the Khirbet Midras tomb again.



A friend visited recently and passed on a few photos.  It looks like the tomb has been partially restored.  You might want to stop by next time you’re in the area.  Khirbet Midras is east of the road going from Azekah to Bet Guvrin.

Khirbet Midras rolling stone tomb, ar080714171
Tomb exterior
Khirbet Midras rolling stone tomb, ar080714165
View from inside tomb; rolling stone is on the right side
Khirbet Midras rolling stone tomb, ar080714164
Burial niches (aka loculi, kokhim)
Thanks to A.D. Riddle for sharing these photos.