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Some years ago Zondervan released a educational game on CD called “Get Lost in Jerusalem.”  The goal of the game was to navigate through the Old City of Jerusalem with the help of clues.  shabanMany American students were particularly delighted to find that “home base” in the game is the shop of the famous Shaban (photo at right).  The copyright on the game has now reverted to its creator, Ted Hildebrandt, and he is making it available for free download.  So if you’re hankering for a stroll down the historic narrow alleyways of Christian Quarter, minus the odors, you’re in luck.  You can check out Hildebrandt’s page with the download (and lots more), get more information at Amazon, or take a look at Biblical Studies and Technological Tools to get some helpful instructions before downloading and installing the 550 MB file.


3 thoughts on “Free Software: Get Lost in Jerusalem

  1. Thanks Todd. Have you heard about this new stone that was found? It’s in Hebrew and supposedly mentions a Messiah and a resurrection after 3 days? Just wondering what your thoughts were on this stone?

  2. Todd:

    The program works fine in Vista. Once you download the program, unzip it in the directory you want it to remain in. Don’t bother trying to run the install program

    Click on start.exe in the main directory, and it runs without going through the install process.

    If you must have an icon, create a shortcut to start.exe and put it on the desktop. (click on computer on the popup start menu, locate the directory you just put the files in, right click on start.exe, left click on create a shortcut, then drag the shortcut to the desktop.

    David Adams

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