“Christ” Inscription in Egypt

Here’s a strange one: An archaeologist in Alexandria, Egypt claims to have found a cup with a Greek inscription, “Dia Chrestou Ogoistais” (“through Christ the Magi”).  What’s stranger is that he’s claiming that he found it in a stratified context dating to A.D. 50. 

You can read the article (in Spanish) here.  Some comments and nice photos are here.  More comments are here.

HT: Gene Brooks


2 thoughts on ““Christ” Inscription in Egypt

  1. Two comments:
    1. Nice to have an item of discussion come from dig and not simply on the black market.

    2. I didn’t read anyone suggesting that “CHRHSTOU” could possible refer to someone other than Jesus of Nazareth. After all, it is a title, not a proper name and it appears that Jesus was not the only person who may have claimed to be the anointed one in the time period.

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