Dead Sea Scroll Lecture Series in NC

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is running a Distinguished Lecture Series in conjunction with its exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

The list includes:

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Controversies and Theories of Early Judaism and Christianity
Eric Meyers

Wednesday, October 1

Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls and at Qumran
Sidnie White Crawford

Thursday, October 16

The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Jodi Magness

Thursday, October 30

The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls
Emanuel Tov

Thursday, November 20

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Christianity
Bart Ehrman

Wednesday, December 10

For more information, see the details hereTickets are $25.  For the subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
you really cannot beat this line-up of speakers and topics.

HT: Joe Lauer


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