Khirbet Qeiyafa Status Update

I’m working on a lengthy (or two-part) post on Khirbet Qeiyafa, but in the meantime, the excavator of the site has given an update, summarized by G. M. Grena and posted on biblicalist:

Prof. Yossi Garfinkel, co-director of the excavation, has given me permission to share his team’s tentative publication schedule (quotes mark his exact words): 1) Their website "is under reorganization and shortly many photos of the site and the excavation will be available to the public." 2) They are still working on an official press release that should be ready "in a week or so." 3) They have already given the Israel Exploration Society "a preliminary text and 7 photos" for the "Notes and News section" of their journal, IEJ. 4) "A larger Hebrew article with 14 photos was given to a book conference to be published in 2 month[s]", but he wasn’t sure about the official name of the book yet. "The conference is a cooperation between the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University and the Jerusalem district of the IAA. It will present to the public the latest results of research and excavations carried out in the Jerusalem area in the last year." http://www.elahfortress.com/

In a later post, the location of some new photos of a pottery presentation is given.


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